"May the God of hope fill you with great joy and peace as you trust in him." Romans 15:13

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Crazy Beginning

So. . . I have not blogged in very long time.  I considered quitting.  Life has been crazy busy, and as I reread the last couple of blog posts I wrote, they feel rushed, stressed, and choppy.  I prefer a different style of writing, one that is casual, patient and calm.  One that exhibits a heart that is savoring rather than sprinting.  BUT - guess what?  Rushed, stressed, and choppy was exactly how I was feeling as I wrote those last posts.  Joyful, to be sure, yet also busy and a bit overwhelmed.

In the end, Sierra was the one who convinced me to continue writing.  She said simply, "Mom, I think you should just blog.  I miss reading it."  And so I continue to write in whatever style fits my current circumstances.  I write in honesty and truth, which is sometimes eloquent - but more often choppy, imperfect, and rushed.

Yet, I  ALWAYS write with the goal of remembering and savoring these precious memories in my heart.

Summer is my very favorite time of  year.  I love having my kids close by.  I love the noise and the constant silliness that fills my home when our kids are here.

Jamison moved home the end of April.  He had such a great first year away.  I was actually a bit worried that coming home for the summer would be a drag.  However when he walked into our house with bags in hand, he gave me a hug and said, "It's good to be home."  Those are precious words to a momma's heart.
When Jamison is home the activity level in our house increases automatically.  He is great at wrestling, racing, tickling, hide and seek, and all other wild and crazy games.  He loves activity, and he chooses to allow these two little ones to follow him and participate in whatever he is doing.  They LOVE it, and I appreciate the relationship he has with them so much.  

For the first few weeks of summer, we were lucky enough to have Jamison's girlfriend, Ida, stay with us.  She needed to have a fairly extensive surgery before flying home for the summer, and she bravely agreed to let me hover while she recovered. The only downside to having her stay is that we all miss her terribly.   We are counting the weeks until she returns.  (And feeling a bit guilty about it! I can only imagine how much her family will miss her when she flies back for the school year.)

 They are very sweet together.  They laugh a lot.  That is what I miss most since Ida left, their laughter.
 Ida was incredibly sweet with Mataya (who totally adores her).  Every time we drove anywhere, Ida would sit in the backseat next to Mataya, just to make her happy.  Above, they are telling jokes under Mataya's blanket while I drive.  
After she got home, Ida sent us this picture.  Mataya insisted I print it so that she could hug Ida because she misses her sooooo much. 

The week after Ida flew home, school was dismissed for the rest of the kids.
 Joshua rarely agrees to a photo.  He asked me to take this one. . . which signifies just how happy he is to be finished with grade 2. 
 Brenna heads to CHS next year. . . high school!
And this girl begins her senior year in the Fall.  

My goal this summer is to listen a lot and to laugh even more.  I want to soak up the noise, laughter, arguments, and dreams of each of these precious ones with intentional joy and appreciation.  Some days my brain feels like mush  with all the commotion around me.  On a typical night as I make supper - Sierra is considering one dilemma or another while Jamison adds a joke or piece of advice here and there.  Joshua is tattling on Mataya.  Mataya is singing loudly so we will pay attention to her.  Chad is calling to tell me he is on his way home. Brenna is quietly waiting her turn.  I am wondering if there is enough of me to go around.  How do I hear it all?  How do I validate each one?  How do I savor in the midst of all the activity?  I do not have it all figured out - but I do love my life, my kids, my husband, and my noisy kitchen.  It is a dream come true.