"May the God of hope fill you with great joy and peace as you trust in him." Romans 15:13

Friday, June 16, 2017

Building My Dream

Our BIG project this spring and summer (and probably fall) has been building a lake cabin.  Chad and I have been enjoying the project immensely.  The kids. . . well, they are tolerating it!  (It is a lot more fun to just GO to the lake than to work at the lake.  And since they are not the ones saving bunches of money on labor, it is understandable that they are not quite as hyped about the project as we are.  They ARE helpful, which is a huge blessing!)

Last Fall, Chad and his employees poured footings, framed the cabin, and put on the roof.  The rest of the project will be completed by our family. So far this Spring we have:

Installed all the underground plumbing.

 Prepared the interior of the cabin for its concrete floor.
Brenna and I learned to screed sand.  Sierra shoveled.  A lot!
 Brenna took a little nap while waiting for the next step.
After the sand was leveled, Chad packed it.

(Chad and the guys poured the concrete later that week.)

Chad, single-handedly, installed the septic system.  Oh, how I adore the septic system!  That means we can use water in the camper (which we are living in as we build) to my hearts content.  I don't know how he did it alone, but I sure appreciate it!

We have slipped in a few fun projects, too.

The kids and I built a firepit all by ourselves!

It is on my favorite corner of the lake lot - the cliff that overlooks the lake and has an amazing sunset view.  It is a good thing we got it done early this summer, with the lack of rain and high fire index it may not be used much this year.

The kids and I also created a flowerbed our of rocks.  I love the results.

That is Joshua running the skidsteer - all by himself!  I found the rocks we wanted to use, and he hauled them into place.  He does an amazing job, and he is beyond proud of his skills.
The girls helped me arrange the border of the rocks. Then the girls and I ran into town to select some plants. Mataya and I tilled the soil.  Sierra chose the plant placement.  And Brenna planted.  It was fun to work together.  It was also fun to see the girls' creativity come alive.

The next project was to install all the windows and doors.

 These two shots are before windows were installed.
It was so fun to watch Chad cut in the openings and have light flood the interior of the cabin.
 Chad has never been an impatient person, but his patience has grown with age.  He takes so much time with Joshua as we construct, allowing him to learn and work at his dad's side as much as possible.  They are precious together.
Mataya's version of helping looks a little different than Joshua's!

These three shots are the cabin with all doors and windows installed.

My handsome hubby loves to get me on a roof.  Although the guys roofed it, they left the ridgecap for us to do.  Luckily I am not afraid of heights. I enjoyed view from the lift while we worked!

The cabin itself a simple design.  It will have three tiny bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with an open concept kitchen, dining, family room.  I am loving watching it's personality unfold.  More than any other project Chad and I have done, this is "ours."  Because of its rural setting, we have much flexibility. We are having a lot of fun creating a totally custom place utilizing as much left-over or re-purposed materials as possible.  It will be a creative and quirky space that totally reflects us.

Chad and the kids are planning to use it as a hunting lodge this Fall, so the race is on to have the main level completed by November. 

It has been a TON of work with much more work to come, however I am SO thankful.  A lake cabin has been a long time dream of mine.  Even in the chaos of construction, my soul rests at the lake.  It is my happiest place.